Day Two Highlights | GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Dakhla 2022


Westpoint can be a dream wave to ride, but to ensure high scores in competition takes an extreme technical ability to sense when… and how… to accelerate round the middle mushy section. On day two at the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup, a handful of riders gave an exhibition of planing control and hard rail turns, linking the rolling first section and suckier end section close to shore.

Today the men opened up at the round four stage before the women got their competition underway. Tomorrow (Thursday) it’s quarter final time! 

Wednesday 27th September
Westpoint, Dakhla, Morocco
Photos: Svetlana Romantsova

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour provides a platform for the world’s best riders to push the limits of kiteboarding, but also shines a spotlight on many outstanding local riders who can dominate the world’s best spots.

Brazilian Sebastian Ribeiro has given us several high 9 point scoring waves in his career. His round five heat performance was once again from the top drawer, with two high 9s.

However, it was perhaps Mohamed-Ali Beqqali who delivered the individual high performance of the day as he fought back impressively through the losers round 4 to meet Gabriel Benetton in round 5.

Beqqali’s free-flowing frontside rhythm is so in tune with this break, it was simply too much for the Brazilian’s lack of water time here.

Dropping down to the 9 gave me much more freedom. I could finish my turns, and tweak the turns. Yeah, I’m stoked.” explained Beqqali on the livestream. “Yeah with the hightide the wave changes and sometimes breaks more on the inside. You see the waves coming from far and you have to pick that middle one that has enough space and that creates that beautiful wave all the way through.”

Beqqali and Ribeiro were among a handful of riders that included Airton Cozzolino, James Carew, Matchu Lopes, Reece Myerscough and others, who combined instinct with ability to accelerate hard around the long, mushy middle section to link up Westpoint’s rolling and then suckier end sections.

In other words… they were ripping.

Ribeiro is having an absolute riot on the water here in Morocco. The waves are certainly coming to him, but he definitely knows what to do with them. The Brazilian, who started surfing at age six, is of course through to the quarter finals and explained just how much he’s anticipating every chance to get on the water here.

Once again my legs are burning. That wave is so fun, I just can’t stop riding it.” he frothed when he heard he’d just scored the highest wave score, 9.57. “I’m just trying to open the wave to do more turns and then focus on the end sections, I think that’s where the money turns are.”

Of course Airton’s in the mix at the top and proved that he can still pull out big scores even without decent set waves in his heat.

Cozzolino V Ribeiro in the quarters sounds tasty? It will be!


Mohamed-Ali Beqqali (MOR) V Pedro Matos (BRA)
Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) V Airton Cozzolino (ITA)
Reece Myerscough (CAN) V Matchu Lopes (ESP)
Matt Maxwell (RSA) V James Carew (AUS)


On the women’s side Brittany’s Zoe Bazile came out charging to set the tone for the ladies.

But it was Maria Kesiane Rodrigues, yet another Brazilian talent on show at this event, who blew the field away in round one.

Scoring 15.73 from two waves, she demonstrated beautiful, flowing turns and vertical hits on the biggest available sections.

Capucine Delannoy, Marcela Witt, Camille Losserand, Frances Kelly, Johanna-Catarina Edin and Susanne Schwartztrauber are also through to the quarter finals, coming up tomorrow.


Frances Kelly (AUS) V Maria Kesiane Rodrigues (BRA)
Camille Losserand (SUI) V Johanne-Catarina Edin (SWE)
Zoe Bazile (FRA) V Marcela Witt (BRA)
Susanne Schwartztrauber (GER) V Capucine Delannoy (FRA)

Thursday’s forecast is set solid once again for an amazing climax to the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Dakhla for both the men and women.

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