Uncharted Brazil – surfin sem fim

Last year Uncharted Kite Sessions in partnership with Surfin Sem Fim had an amazing month of down winders along the Brazilian north coast. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a fantastic video that features the beauty of the wild coast, more than words could ever say.

One month in Brazil. Four consecutive downwinders along the Brazilian north coast. Cumbuco to Atins., and everywhere in between.

Uncharted Kite Sessions returns to Brazil again this fall with Surfin Sem Fim for another epic season of down wind kite surfing experiences along the beautiful Brazilian north coast. Previous years epic journeys have been featured in The Kite Mag and Kite Soul Magazines, and this year promises to be even more spectacular.
This year we offer two routes, the Light Jeri, and the Delta Route. The Light Jeri is a fantastic warm up for the waves and wind of the north coast as a short down wind experience between Prea to Camocim. Our second trip focuses on the challenging and rewarding section of travel known as the Delta Route. This section of coastline is over 400 kilometers long, and is one of the most multifaceted of the Brazilian down wind trips. We begin our journey in Preá, traveling along the coast to Atins, a small fishing village that sits on the edge of the Amazon jungle and Lençois dunes.
We specifically chose this route along the north coast for our annual kite surfing down winder as it offers the best waves on the entire north coast. Every year this section of the coastline blows us away with it’s unbelievable beauty, remoteness, and above all the amazing wind and wave conditions that are world class. Imagine yourself kite surfing for hundreds of kilometers, discovering exotic natural treasures, hidden dunes and unspoiled beaches.
You’ll be living this real adventure in comfort while recharging overnight in the best pousadas in Brazil. Riding fantastic distances in safety, always supervised by professional guides and receiving coaching from Uncharted Kite Sessions & Surfin Sem Fim kite surf teams. This is a once in a lifetime adventure, and a transformative experience.

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