When Ship Gets Real – Naish Team // Strapless Kitesurfing

Drop the Naish crew on a remote island for a kiting recon mission during the windiest weekend of the year and what’s caught on film is nothing short of shear anarchy. Jesse Richman, Karlie Thoma, Christian Barcellos and Alden Simmer will have you gritting your teeth as they boost in the shallow waters of Lana’i while dodging razor sharp reef and remnants of an abandoned ship.

Driven by adrenaline, powered by wind and bonded by fire, this enticing edit will have you scouring the garage for a cooler and a kite for the weekend ahead.

Jesse Richman: @jessetherichman
Karlie Thoma: @karliethoma
Christian Barcellos: @christian_pacifico_
Alden Simmer: @aldensimmer

Videography: Olivier Sautet – Petole Productions @petoleproductions
Photography: Quincy Dein

Instagram: @naish_kiteboarding
Facebook: facebook.com/Naishkiteboarding



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