70° South – Reider Decker // Strapless kitesurfing

Traveled 70° south from Hatteras Island NC (35.6 N) to Cape Town South Africa (33.9 S) this winter chasing the endless summer. In Cape Town we found howling winds and fun swell! Tons of credit to Gage Fichter for doing an epic filming job especially for only ever filming twice before.

In the video I’m riding: 2016 Airush 5’11 Converse (looks different but is the exact same shape) and the 2016 Wave 12m, 10m, 8m. Prolimit Wave and Predator Harness. Thanks to Airush, Hatteras Island Sail Shop, Prolimit, RUNA, and Farout Sunglasses for their support. airush.com hatterasislandsurfshop.com prolimit.com runa.com faroutsunglasses.com



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