Ocean Ambassadors – Fiji // Strapless Kitesurfing

Welcome aboard for a short look into why The Ocean Ambassadors was formed. The pure fun and enjoyment we get from the ocean everyday deserves our respect. This piece was shot to remember why we now work so hard creating avenues and connecting dots to facilitate waste plastic remediation techniques in island nations.
After 4 years of service, S.V. Moana is going on sabbatical and will be open to the public for adventures in Fiji, while the team moves ashore until the job is done.

For more information on what we do, go to oceanambassadors.org/fast-track-fiji/

And to support our new mission to prove fuel derived from plastic is viable support our friend Jeremy Rowsell on his On Wings of Waste campaign that will showcase our work and may enable us to expand throughout the pacific. gofundme.com/onwingsofwaste

We would also like to thank the following brands for their ongoing support;

OZONE flyozone.com Adrian & Mike fly Ozone Reo V3 at Cloudbreak, Fiji.

XENON xenonboards.com Adrian & Mike ride Xenon Gas.

VEVE SWIMWEAR myveve.com Suppliers of our fine swimwear 😉

HDSPORTS hdsports.com.au Camera equipment and accessories supplied by HDSPORTS.

KITETHRILLS kitethrills.com

Filmed on location in Fiji.

Filmed and edited by glenbowden.com

Vinaka Vakalevu everyone and lets all remember what we have : )




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