Lost in Transit – Stephan Figueiredo // Strapless Kitesurfing


Stephan Figueiredo​ lost in transit somewhere close to Rio on a desert surfspot with a Skinny Boy by Blade Kites

“Last week I took a road trip with my filmmaker friend Guiga to try and score some better kite and surf conditions. The forecast in Barra was looking terribly poor and I needed to get out. Rio de Janeiro is much more than a big city, its coastline is coated with deserted countryside and no crowd. I had surfed this spot before, but never in my life did I think it would have good kiting conditions. When we pulled up the wind was side offshore with fast little tubular close outs. I had a downwind session for over an hour with only Guiga and some scarce locals as company. Sometimes the best way to find the unexpected is getting the car and driving.”

MCD BLADE KITEBOARDING 6M SKINNY BOY ANNESLEY SURFBOARDS BAR 399 KITEPOINT RIO Images: Guilherme Delarue Music: Lay down in the tall grass by Tmber Timbre



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