2016 AEneema presentation – BWS // Strapless Kitesurfing


“The Æneema’s predictability and simplicity provides riders the total package and that feeling of security whether you’re a beginner or an expert. I guess fast turning, smooth power delivery and unmatched Drift really sums it up!” – Dano See, Head Designer.

“The AEneema is particularly inspired by our Ambassadors. We wanted to create something user-friendly that performs optimally all types of conditions and provides our riders from all around the world with the best product, no matter where they kite.” – Ben Wilson.

For more info check this : http://www.bwsurf.com/



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  1. You have got to be kinding....
    You have got to be kinding.... says:

    a procedure in which liquid or gas is injected into the rectum, to expel its contents or to introduce drugs or permit X-ray imaging.

  2. Learn to read!!
    Learn to read!! says:

    The kite is called AEneema!! Not Enima its completely different.
    Must be hard for you to take your head out your ass and realize???!!
    There is always one village idiot!!

  3. Shit name
    Shit name says:

    It is ok to fuck up once in a while, no need to get aggressive. I ride BWS kites myself and am sure this is a decent product, just a catastrophic choice of name. Feels to me like the village idiot might be working in your marketing department. Phaekal could be a good name for your next kite !


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