Ian Alldredge Signature Rawson Surfboard // Strapless kitesurfing

Ian Alldredge introduces his signature Rawson Surfboard



The Ian Alldredge Signature Rawson has been created especially for Ian’s size (5’11”& 175lbs/79kg), style and local conditions. He’s a fast, powerful rider and his home conditions are typically on the heavy side with large waves and strong, gusty winds. (Of course Ian normally upsizes his kites to ensure he’s always lit up and can boost big airs.)

“This new 5’11 board is based on the last 3 ½ years of Ian’s feedback. Ian needs a skatey, fast bottom to help launch airs and edge while kiting. This board is totally suitable for normal surfing as well; the finished weight is around 7lbs (~3kg) not so heavy as to hinder the board’s performance in high-performance surfing. Ian needs a strong board that will hold up well through everything he does. I am really proud of this board’s durability; it’s sufficient without making the finished product feel overly heavy.” – Pat Rawson.

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