All the Way featuring Paul Serin // Strapless Kitesurfing

A beautyful vid featuring Paul Serin riding for Naish and filmed by Olvier Sautet, Petole Prod. Must Watch even if the little rascal rides strapped.



As the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Great rewards wait for those that strive to achieve. Dedicated to his craft both on and off the water, #TeamNaish rider Paul Serin is driven by a passion to push ever further. What drives you? What will you accomplish?



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  1. Ju
    Ju says:

    The filming and editing work deserves to be shared here…an example to follow to produce high quality videos. That’s something diferent and far from “kiteporn” videos filmed with a shaky gopro.
    What do you think Glen ?

  2. zinho
    zinho says:

    I disagree with you Ju – I know it’s your site – and it’s great – but you could apply the same criteria about great editing and post a video about butterflies or hamburger manufacturing – in my opinion this clip does not belong here. It’s also a very ‘look at me I’m a wonderful athlete and an amazing guy’ masturbatory video – which I find pathetic..I only clicked on it for the views of South African countryside – if you want to combine other topics, why not ecological videos about the preservation of the oceans? The kind of adolescent self-aggrandisement portrayed in this video is largely what is wrong with our sport….too many egos and self-centred wannabes and Go-pro heroes. I don’t know this rider – maybe he’s a great guy, but in the video he just seems like another showboater with a twin-tip. See you on the beach at St Cyp soon dude.


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