HORUE H13 [freestyle wave kitefoil] // Strapless Kitesurfing

Philippe CANERI shows what you can do with Horue H13 : the most hardcore freestyle wave kitefoil ever. Sick skills and nice filming.


More at : http://www.horue.fr/produits/ for the foil and http://www.horuemovieproduction.fr/ for the images.



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  1. JB
    JB says:

    Cool video. I am curious to experiment with the foil in surf…quite a different experience. A suggestion for your video…when you are showing the rider doing a carve on the wave face, like at 1:55 and 2:15, don’t cut away halfway through the turn. When you cut away, the viewer’s assumption is he wiped out or you would have showed it … and that makes it look like your foil doesn’t work in surf.


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