MOMENTARY LAPSE – Petole prod // Strapless Kitesurfing

Olivier Sautet from Petole Productions have been shooting the most extreme and talented riders on the planet.




More at,, @petoleproductions

Robby Naish, Kay Lenny, Jesse Richman, Crazy Karl, Simon Fourcade, McRae Williams, Sammy Luhtenen, Mitu Monteiro, Robinson Hilario, Loic Doval, Berenger Cassu, Hugo Can, Clement Picart, Jean Michel Labau, Bernd Roediger, Axel Rosenbald, Gabriel Girardin, Damien Girardin, Jalou Langeree, Kevin Langeree, Francisco Porcella, Remi Quique, Antoine Fermon, Louis Hutter, Alex Soto, Mickael Fernandez, Salt on the Rocks.

France, Mauritius, Hawaii, Morocco, Spain…



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