Kitesurfing with strapless surfboards – Red Bull Unfastened 2014 // Strapless Kitesurfing

Windy blown out days and small waves usually means hours of mind-surfing on the internet. But not for these guys. Strapless kitesurfing has redefined what can be done in sub-par surf. The Red Bull Unfastened event has kite surfers opening up an entirely new repertoire of tricks, pushing the limits of what can be done a surfboard. Check out some of the crazy wind powered maneuvers these guys were pulling off!





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  1. Not Yo Mama
    Not Yo Mama says:

    Airton is the best kiter in the world, hands down. Not only would be beat most of the pro’s favoring only one tack, he’s ambidextrous & can do a lot of tricks both ways.

    The notion that this was overlooked during his last few wave comps throughout 2012 & 13 is too bad.


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