Riding Maquina K-V2 – Andy Grandolfo // Strapless Kitesurfing


“Quite a few times I’ve been asked from people who do not ride… how does it feels like? Well… I do believe there’s no an easy way to explain through words… and that’s one of the reasons of the efforts in realizing something nice through videos… I hope this one will help… To me, it really make me feel like riding again when I watch it! Enjoy…”

Andy Grandolfo.





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  1. jplmarin
    jplmarin says:

    La caméra montée sur le casque,sur un bras qui lui même est monté sur un axe.Bien vu mec !
    La cam en rotation autour de la tête,donne de nouveaux angles de vues.
    Mais attention au tournis,même en slow motion.Les plans ne doivent pas êtres trop long.


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