NKB Dice 2014 Product Clip – Airton Cozzolino Lopes – Tom Court // Strapless Kitesurfing


The Dice is a brand new kite for 2014, aimed at the rider wanting a do it all machine with C-Shape flying characteristics. Airton Cozzolino and Tom Court are using the Dice this year, showing you just how versatile it is. Happy performing wakestyle, freestyle or in the waves – the kite entertains on all levels. It is based around a C-Shape profile, using a lightweight three strut construction. The kite feels lively in your hands, very direct and predictable in the air. The bar feedback is instinctive and riders find the kite easy to fly right out of the bag. Kite- loops are really easy with the Dice, and it is great fun to ride in the waves or flat water. If you want a kite that will give you the maximum amount of fun in any conditions, choose the Dice, responsive, fast and great fun!


Kiteboarding is a sport that is constantly developing and we realized the trend that more and more kiters are getting into wave riding. However there is also a considerable big group of people who do not want to decide for either flat water or wave. Therefore it felt natural to develop in the direction of a crossover kite. The Dice is a revolutionary kite for freestyle and waves – and definitely my kite of choice from now on!


KIRSTY JONES (TEAM RIDER) The Dice combines the advantages of the Neo and the Vegas into one kite, so I feel I could use it for freestyle, waves and very comfortable, smooth freeriding. For freestyle I loved the feeling of having slightly more power than the Vegas, but also with smooth, total depower to the exact amount when needed. Just loved it from the very first second I got it in my hands. Unfortunately I wasn ́t allowed to keep the prototype!!


JAIME HERRAIZ (NKB LEGEND) I love riding the Dice in the surf. It’s got great drift and pivots really quickly, allowing you to redirect in a split second. The Dice also works insane for unhooked freestyle and kite loops. Combining the best of two worlds.


TOMMY KAISER (MARKETING) When I tried the Dice the first time on a Twintip, it directly gave me a newfound confidence to try new powered moves, as the kite pull is so smooth and predictable, but still with the power needed to pop hard. Also the Dice has more hangtime than the Vegas, which makes it the perfect kite for classic tricks and big airs.


NIKLAS HECKER (SALES) The Dice is a revolutionary kite for freestyle and waves. When riding with the Dice in waves, the kite immediately felt very responsive and light, with perfect smooth power when I needed it, but also depowered to the exact amount needed to perform manoeuvres on the wave. You instinctively know what the kite does and where it is!
When it comes to range of use, different people have different opinions. But they are all in complete agreement about one thing: ALEA IACTA EST – The die is cast –

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