Lib Tech Waterboards – Pete Hardie // Strapless Kitesurfing

Pete Hardie testing the Lib Tech Waterboard


Lib Tech is a brand  handcrafted in USA with greener manufacturing methods.

EnvironMENTALLY NICE…because :
  • More durable: Lasts longer, less dings, less boards in landfills.
  • Recycled foam core: up to 50% recycled content in blank.
  • Blank scraps all recycled.
  • Non ozone depleting blowing agent.
  • 100% closed cell foam won’t absorb water… won’t rot.
  • Elimination of hazardous resin systems.
  • Basalt fiber: no additives, no boron.
  • No sandpaper.
  • No paint brushes.
  • No tape.
  • No solvents except water

The Vert, tested by Pete Hardie


Pete tested the Vert surfboard for Realwatersports in Cape Hatteras, NC.  Here’s the gist of what he said:

Durability :

Rails are the strongest part of the board, hard to stave in. Your heels could leave a mark on the deck but it’s a minor detail compare to other brands.

Feel :

Soft because of the concave deck and responsive.

Verdict :

A huge potential in Strapless Kitesurfing due to the technology and the feel…and the price under average.


Have a look on the following vids for more details :





Thanks to Pete Hardie | Realwatersports



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