Surf Jam Superkite Brazil Summary

Some nice pics and a video on the SurfJam in Ceara, Brazil. Held last week with some international big names and Brazilian rippers, the event permitted to the riders to demonstrate their skills in small waves conditions without pressure. Nothing to win except goodtime and fun.
Ben Wilson, Ian Alldredge, Patrick Rebstock, Mauricio Abreu, Gustavo Foerster, Jamil Farah, Ygon Maia, Célio Beleza, Ian Glaza Owczarzak, Alberto Júnior, João Henrique Ferreira, Fillipi Bacellar, Anderson Santos, Tiago Nottingham, Bruno Pitanga….. made an amazing event, everyone pushing their limits in strapless kitesurfing style.

Here’s the Video of the event.



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