KSP Pro Pacasmayo day 5

Pacasmayo, Peru — October 23, 2011: After four days of waiting for solid conditions to arrive in Northern Peru, the Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro finally got underway late this morning. Running nearly until sundown in the 15- to 20-knot winds and five- to seven-foot waves (faces), Men’s and Women’s Round 1, and Men’s Round 2 were completed at the second KSP World Championship Kite Surfing Tour stop.

Featuring almost exclusively strapless riding from both sexes, the event took place directly in front of El Faro Adventure Resort, one of two competition locations along the expansive Pacasmayo point. Nothing short of spectacular, today’s long period swell marched in off the Pacific Ocean and wrapped the point at Pacasmayo, offering super long rides that rolled well past the contest area.

Judged by a six-person team of ISA-accredited judges, each rider’s top two wave scores (on a scale of .1 to 10) counted towards a potential heat score of 20. Top riders stood out with their long top-to-bottom rides, powerful lip bashes, roundhouse cutbacks and long, drawn-out carves — all strapless.

The top heat scores of the men go to Brandao (15.27) and McLaughlin (14.83 and 14.53). On the women’s side, Ines Correia (12.67), North rider Kirsty Jones (12.43) and Adriana Harlan (12.43) earned the three highest heat scores. Riding switch on El Faro’s left-hand break, Harlan had never kite-surfed a left prior to coming to Pacasmayo.

Thirty-four heats remain in the Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro and the outlook once again looks quite solid for tomorrow. Much like today, the forecast calls for six-foot surf (1.9 meters) and 15- to 20-knot winds. Conditions permitting, the double consolidation ladder will commence with Women’s Round 2. The full list of match-ups and heat scores can be found at kspworldtour.com/ladder.

If you missed the day’s live-streamed action, it’s all archived heat-by-heat online at www.kspworldtour.com/live. Tomorrow morning at 8:55 a.m. (PET), event directors will announce the daily schedule, which will both be live-streamed and posted online — with 10 a.m. as the first possible start of the competition.

The KSP 2011 Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro is supported by PromPeru, presented by the El Faro Adventure Resort and Cementos Pacasmayo, and sponsored by PeruKite, Bodega Gran Cruz, Yoleit and Tecnica Avicola. The KSP World Championship Tour is sponsored by ION essentials and Vitamizzer.

Here’s the video of the day :



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