GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Morocco 2021 | Wave riding in Dakhla | DAY 1

Dakhla, Morocco welcomed back the World Tour athletes for the 11th edition of the Prince Moulay El Hassan Kite-Surf World Cup at the world-renowned spot of Foum Labouir. This location is known for epic waves and consistent wind, making it the ideal place for the final kite-surf event of this year.

here are various scenarios that could make or break a World Champion at this final event. If Australian leader James Carew makes it into the Quarter Finals, he will officially be crowned as World Champion here in Dakhla. However, if he gets knocked, the door is left open for Matchu Lopes, Pedro Matos and Airton Cozzolino, who are not going to give up without a fight.

For the women, Peri Roberts is ready to stand her ground, and will also be crowned World Champion if she reaches the Semi-Finals. In the case that Roberts gets knocked out,  Charlotte Carpentier and Johanna Catherina Edin both stand a chance if they reach the finals and win this event.

The action continues today with Round 4 of the Men and Round 1 of the Women. Things will start to get interesting as we reach the elimination rounds, where only the strongest will remain standing.

Our live-stream will be running from the start of competition with all of the wave action, rider interviews and much more.

Check our Instagram stories for regular behind-the-scenes updates throughout the competition.

Be sure to follow all of the action LIVE right here.

The photo gallery by romantsovaphoto just below.

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