Celio Beleza and mates looking for spots around Negritos, Northern Peru.

Negritos, Peru

Parque de Diversiones

After 30 hours of flight time and 2 hours of bumpy road, we finally got the Negritos region, a bay with perfectly aligned waves a golden horizon filled with boats, oil platforms a large pier and a rich wildlife. Confess that the place is much better than imagined, and even after having read much about it, only now understand why it was so hard to find the words they could describe the beauty of this place.

Negritos, region located in northern Peru is known for the hospitality of its people, its ingrained cuisine with the flavors of the sea and temperate beaches with waves of all kinds and for all tastes. A true paradise for those who practice kitewave, surf or sup wave. And not by chance has been nicknamed the playgrounds for children of all ages to have fun here.

A few minutes from the base of the Life in the Water project, met in the morning one secret point of Peruvian surfers, a refuge to those fleeing from the busy city and want to enjoy, with the toes, the simplicity of a life by the sea.

The winds begin to blow here around 10 am and are prevalent in the south and southeast quadrant offshore for most points, perfect setting for kitewave. Who guided us and helped takeoff was our Luiggi photographer because takeoff and landing kites near the pier always involve risk because of the stones, oysters and gust winds, requiring careful attention. Then came the sail on a spectacular pool of green waves.

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