Physical training video – Celio Beleza // Strapless Kitesurfing

The Airush Brazil rider, Celio Beleza



Beleza TV – Functional KiteTrainer – Video by Thamiris Mesquita

I’ve been picking excellent results with all my commitment and dedication to kitesurf because I always have to help from great friends and great professionals. Among the good fruits picked the most recent was this video of my physical preparation, which seek to identify weaknesses and imbalances in the kinetic chain. These weaknesses and imbalances are responsible for painful conditions, compensations and inefficiencies during the execution of movements, causing decreased performance and increased risk of injury.

This training is based on the natural movements of primitive man, in their activities in contact with nature and the harmonic mixing of different aspects of physical training. Their exercises, practiced outdoors or indoors, have been developed and adapted in unique ways. With various combinations of movements, this training is based on the functional movement, strength exercises with the weight of the body, stretching and flexibility techniques dynamically and breathing techniques. There are hundreds of different movements, making each class varies. A complete work that develops physical qualities like strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and through breathing techniques provides the practitioner with great progress in mental and motor control.

Those who like to overcoming limits in their sports, I challenge you to organize a training session along the lines of this method, to experience what being strong really.

Bons treinos e ALOHA,

Célio Beleza




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