The Cabrinha 03 Collection

For many the lure to kitesurfing was one thing. Air. We were mesmerized by riders soaring to the sky with just a board attached to their feet, powered by nothing more than the natural element of wind. Boundaries were broken and a whole new generation started. Flat water, waves, strong wind, light wind, everywhere became a playground for people taking to the sky.

Over two decades later, we are back to where we all began with a desire to not only continually experience flight ourselves, but also see others pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both on kites and wings.

We proudly present Cabrinha’s 03 Collection


The 03 Cabrinha Drifter


03 Cabrinha Flare Kite Surfboard


03 Cabrinha Contra Aether Kite


03 Cabrinha Method Kite Surfboard



03 Cabrinha Operating System [Overdrive Trimlite]