The 2022 A-Series Kites – Ocean Rodeo

Introducing the latest generation of A-Series kites from Ocean Rodeo.



Built using cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, these ALUULA-powered kites are the lightest on the planet and deliver performance unlike anything that’s come before. Each A-Series kite features a full ALUULA airframe. At half the weight and 6 times the tensile strength of traditional industry materials, the ALUULA airframe is – by some distance – the lightest, strongest, and most responsive on the market. Entirely new manufacturing techniques have been applied in the construction of the new A-Series range, with the ALUULA material fusing high-tech fibers and space-age films at a molecular level.

New seam technology created specifically for ALUULA provides additional stability while moving stress away from stitch holes and threads, thus allowing for higher inflation pressures. Access to higher pressures, combined with the stiffness of the composites, creates a more rigid airframe, providing the rider with lightning-fast response and turning speeds that were previously thought impossible.

For you, the rider, this means that you can use your kite in a much wider range of winds and still have it perform optimally, and benefit from the incredibly connected and responsive experience that ALUULA brings.

We’ve also revisited and refined the smallest of details to ensure that the A-Series kites remain at the pinnacle of high performance light kite engineering.

Ocean Rodeo. The true #LightKiteLeaders.

Rider: Reece Myerscough // @Reece’s Shred Lab