Cynthia Cynbad Brown – Ozone – Firewire

Five clips with the shredding Strapless Queen, Cynthia Cynbad Brown !

Getting JIGGY

Getting jiggy and getting dizzy during a strapless freestyle session, in Hood River Oregon.


Kitesurfing Strapless freestyle sessions in Baja, Mexico 2017.

Maui Twist

Strapless wave riding and freestyling while on Maui.

Turn It Up

Strapless Freestyle is not just for the guys. Here are some clips from two quick half hour sessions in Hood River last week. I’m riding the amazing Firewire 4’10” Vader and flying Ozone’s Enduro 7m kite.

Selfie Stick Strapless Spinning

Strapless front rolls and back rolls. all one handed while filming with a selfie stick.