Kite Horror 4 – Dmitry Evseev – Manawa

Hats off to Dmitry Evseev for that self-rescue at Manawa, Mauritius ! Many things to learn from this experience.

0:00 Teaser

0:07 Kite foiling on Manawa

0:25 30 seconds before Kite Horror

0:52 Start of Kite Horror

5:50 5 min after (lines are tangled)

13:29 42 min after (bar is ready)

16:27 50 min after (drift start)

22:40 56 min after (kite in the sky)

24:43 59 min after (tack to the shore)

27:12 67 min after (back to Manawa)

30:34 71 min after (back to Little Reef)

32:05 73 min after (back to the home)



100% GoPro HERO8 Black video by Dmitry Evseev special for supported by Pryde Club Mauritius, Cabrinha, Neilpryde, Mauritius Hero, ЗЫБЬ, LiP Sunglasses, Ocean&Earth, Dakine Russia, Kites.Ru, Pro Standard Camera Accessories