Good memories with “The Unknown Road” that took Ben Wilson from Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Indo and New Caledonia

You never really know where life is going to lead you so I was as surprised as anyone when I found my way back to Slingshot after 10 years doing my own thing. Over the last few months I’ve dug up some old DVDs (remember those!) and put them online where we can watch them (who has a DVD player these days anyway). The Unknown Road took me from Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Indo and New Caledonia

Looking back this feels like a lifetime ago; so much has changed yet so much has stayed the same. I still love kiting in the waves on my surfboard, still spend as much time as I can on Namotu, and of course I’ve come back to ride with my Slingshot family. The places I kited on this trip are still some of my favourites and the memories I have of these places and people are truly unforgettable. I got to kite and travel with a heap of great mates who I’m still in touch with today.

I still don’t know where the road will take me but I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and all the classic mid 00s tracks and fashions to boot! Yew!