Kitesurfing Christmas BARRELS – Tom Court 

Shack fest with Tom Court !

2020 has been a big year, regardless if it has been you best year or your worst, it has been BIG for everyone!! So it was a nice surprise to score these super rare conditions and a decent swell that came through in order to blow the Christmas hangover away… Its so rare to get sessions like this, but when they come together with the perfect mix of the whole recipe… it is a moment of glory.

Moving into 2021 I am going to be looking for more moments like this, exploring un-ridden spots and pushing the limits of kiteboarding free ride in the true Freeride Project manor…. In this video I am riding strapless on the 2021 Whip SLS from @DUOTONE Kiteboarding and the 8m Dice 2021 and the medium click bar with 24m lines. To be confident in waves like this it is very important to trust your equipment and rely of the performance so that you can find your flow Wishing you all an epic 2021… Keep on shredding!!


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Shot using the GoPro hero 9 black with a mouth mount – Kite Launcher #kitesurfing #strapless #barrels #freerideproject Any questions, Comment bellow. Subscribe to my channel. New videos each week! Me on instagram: @courtintheact