Engagez-vous – Legion – HB-surfkite

“It’s been a long road… All this time testing and designing the products of tomorrow for the evolution of our discipline, the Strapless.
Strengthened by my passion, it is with pride that I present to you our very first kite : LEGION !
Technology at the service of Strapless.”
Hervé Bouré, creator of HB-SURFKITE

The Legion, kite by HB-surfkite tested and approved by Julien RZBO who received his new quiver past week.

Find more at HB-Surfkite.

About the Legion, Julien what can you tell us ?

I tried the 7m Legion in 25-35kts on chop. An adaptation time very fast, even if the wing behaves differently from the brand I used before, the control is intuitive and I quickly took my bearings. At the end of the session, I felt I had always sailed with the Legion!

During the jumps, the climb is more gradual and it lasts longer than with my old kites. It’s better for straplessriding, the smooth side of that kite avoids to loose control of the board at the beginning of the jump.
The lift during jumps is incredible : A couple of times, I thought I had just enough power to make a small jump, but I climb higher than I imagined at first.

Depower: very good too!

Turns / loops: I was scared to have a ‘missile wing’ but finally the control is instinctive, the small loop at the end of the backloop or for well-supported turns are fluid. I would have thought the wing faster according to the commercial sheet.

But no rush ! I’ve got to try all the various settings of the Legion. I’m sure that with the correct set up the Legion can turn and loop very speed.

The Pilot Bar : Nice HB design, short leash. The swivel is very efficient and fluid.

The bag : Superb, the materials and the finish are serious. A beautiful casket for the wing!
The volume is a little fair, for the 5 and the 7 folding carefully it does. For 9m and more, will have to apply to the folding.

Julien took some detailed pictures of the Legion at The Mondial Du Vent, Leucate France.

 Find more at HB-Surfkite.