Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shoot out

16000$ up for grabs in the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Video Shoot out organized by Real Watersports & Patagonia. Notice that Men and Women will have an equal prize purse.

In the link you’ll find the video entry of some of the best world strapless riders such as Jessie Kilgour,Jalou Langeree,Moona Whyte,Gage Fichter,Emily Reich,Olivia Jenkins.

Roderick Pijls,Keahi de Aboitiz,Theo Demanez,Reo Stevens,Luke McGillewie,Reider Decker,Evan Netsch,Michael Phaneuf,Alex Lewis Hughes,Matchu Lopes,Matt Elsasser,Teddy Lyons,Mattia Raffa,Leonardo Loro,Geordie Crawford,Reece Myerscough,Bertrand Chovet.

Click here to watch all the video entries.