Jeep Tarifa Pro – Day 4 – KSWT Singles Final, Women

“Here come the kite loops!”

…Lewis Crathern enthusiastically screamed down the mic halfway through Kite-Surf World Tour strapless freestyle single elimination final on Friday afternoon as Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino simultaneously switched gears, from spin combinations to power up the heat in the final minutes.

Report: Jim Gaunt / All Photos: Toby Bromwich

The Jeep Tarifa Pro 2018 is a six day contest combining both the Air Games and Kite-Surf World Tours and so far it’s been all about the late afternoon rush to capitalise on the peak Poniente thermals. The Poniente came in a little earlier today (Friday) and it was hoped that the organisers could crank through the remaining single elimination KSWT strapless freestyle heats, before moving onto the Air Games as the winds hit their peak.


If they weren’t already, after three years on tour, the strapless freestyle riders have grown to become natural showmen and the Tarifan crowd really appreciate how the riders respond to their calls.