DJI – Mui Ne Sessions – Rufus Blackwell

Rufus Blackwell presenting Next Level Drone Work From DJI

Mui Ne Sessions is an experimental surf/kitesurf video, taking drone shooting to the next level.  A drone can now be used as a motion control rig in the sky.

DJI the leading drone manufacturer recently commissioned Rufus Blackwell, twice winner of Travel Photographer of the year, viedo award and and experienced VFX Artist and Time-Lapse Photographer to produce a video pusing the limits of Drone work. Using a series of techniques it is possible to shoot incredible timelapse photography using automated flight patterns and to also use the ultra high resolution images to stop time, reposition the camera and restart the action. 

The result is Mui Ne Sessions a Surf/Kitesurf video shot in Vietnam.

As drone tecnology advances the possibilities become ever more amazing. You can place a camera in any place at any time, you can creat camera moves that were never previously possible, and if you miss the take, no probs you can get it to recreate exactly the same move again and again. A drone is essentially a motion control rig in the sky, previously costing milliions it is now in the hands of everyone.

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Rufus Blackwell:
Music – Defunk “Cowboys”…

Captured on DJI Inspire 1 v2.0:…

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