Pecem, Brazil – Celio Beleza

The privilege of traveling with friends is the dream of many riders, right?!

With this in mind, me, the boardriders Jamil Farah and Ygon Maia and the photographer Gabriel Paula set off towards the West Coast, because as is usual at this time of year in Ceará, north/northeast direction ripples nonstop and bring many waves the region. They join the strong east wind, providing incredible days of kitesurfing in the waves.

The peak chosen for our production was to Pecém beach, a pointbreak with long strip of sand and many rocks. The wave breaks in the outside and comes through the bench forming a perfect line between the angle of the wind and the wave. The peak holds large ripples and the wave opens in several sections with predominant side off wind.

“It’s ironic to see a point that is dormant all year round, waking up with classic waves and perfect wind, northeastern paradise, comments Ygon Maia!”

For Jamil Farah, Pecém beach is an amazing place when we have the conditions of waves and wind, trip with friends is right!”

After enjoying a few hours of sun, winds, waves and very high spirits, we set off home watching the amazing sunset, what a perfect day, energies recharged!

Celio Beleza.