First stop of the French strapless tour held Mai 18-19 in Lacanau organized by the KCL (Kitesurf Club Lacanau).

The forecast was not on the side of the dozen of riders this week end, offering only light wind and strong currents.

Logically, Julien Kerneur took the first place, followed by the local Paul Harel. Bertrand Beauchet ranked 3 and Thomas Paris 4. Matchu Lopes came with the event to introduce the Duotone gear.

After the women heats, Charlotte Carpentier ranked 1st and Elodie Bedos 2d.

Here’s the gallery of the event by Arnone :

Waiting for the next stop in La Franqui June 15-16, watch the video by Ben Bireau, Pura Vida Images.

Focus on the demo by the ET of the event, Matchu Lopes.