2016 Slingshot Tyrant – Patrick rebstock // Strapless Kitesurfing

Building on the its reputation as the go-to surfboard for riders demanding solid performance in a variety of wind and wave conditions, the 2016 Tyrant is again one of the best all-around surfboards on the market.



While maintaining its classic short board shape and a rocker designed for high-performance down-the-line riding, Slingshot’s legendary design team has modified the board’s tail end, changing it from a thumb tail to a rounded squash tail and repositioning the stomp pad and inserts farther back over the fins. The 2016 model is also slightly narrower than last year. These changes allow for an aggressive, lip-slashing style while maintaining the stability and hold that has made the Tyrant an ideal classic shortboard choice for riders of all levels.

Back by popular demand for all of Slingshot’s 2016 surfboards is the three-fin setup, incorporating the innovative new FCSII keyless fin system that enables riders to insert and remove fins with ease, and without the need for tools. The Tyrant also comes with a set of Slingshot’s quick-adjust surf straps.



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