Wainman Hawaii RSE Kite Lesson with Niccolo Porcella // Strapless Kitesurfing

Kung Fu lesson ????



Rabbit School Edition (RSE) – Wainman Hawaii international school program for professionals and kitesurfing adepts focused on maximizing your teaching experience.

Unique project that offers tremendous knowledge and full support by one of the industry leading brands and release of dedicated school kites range, based on award-winning, prestigious Rabbit kite series.

Designed in cooperation with top instructors worldwide, known for their exceptional stability, ease of use, security and above all reliability RSE kites work on a daily basis in over 60 schools worldwide providing highest services to their students.


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Wainman Hawaii RSE Kite Lesson with Niccolo Porcella from WainmanHawaii on Vimeo.



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