The Escape -Arild Kristiansen // Strapless Kitesurfing

Arild Kristiansen sa by john Olausson



The Escape is a about getting away from the busy crowded city life and search for waves to surf. The last year we have been surfing allot more when the waves are good not only kitesurfing, there is nothing better than hitting the road chase the swell and maybe score if your lucky..

Thanx to the Faclier brothers Dean and Russel for taking us to places like this on the weskust (west coast) of South Africa. If you are interested in renting the house where we stay in the video contact
Wissbang surfers in the edit are Arild Kristiansen Dean and Russel Faclier with friends and Paul Gunnarsson behind the camera.
An Surfskolan Crew edit. The premium surfshool since 2004 with lessons and events in kitesurfing surfing and sup in Varberg Sweden. supported by Surfers Varberg RipCurl Cabrinha and Filtrate eyewear.





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