30 second tutorial how to tail slide – Dom Moore // Strapless Kitesurfing


Dom Moore gives us some tips to be successful in a basic move : The tail slide.

Throwing a tail slide in kitesurfing is fun and pretty easy to do.
1. Aim for the lip or breaking part of the wave, you want your fins to break out, or ‘cavitate’.

2. Give it a tight, snappy off the top, do not look at your spray!

3. As the board goes past the apex of the turn, your fins will start to break out if you’ve hit the lip right, extend your back foot, maintain pressure on your front foot, and let the tail slide.

4. Keep the board flat as you complete the turn so that you rider out smoother.
Equipment used: Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 9.5m, Ocean Rodeo Surf Series 5’11, Ocean Rodeo Soul drysuit
For practical real life kitesurf training, check out http://www.surfsanctuary.co.uk/





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