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Vivendo um sonho – Living the dream – Gustavo Foerster // Strapless Kitesurfing

Everyone knows that the North Shore of Hawaii has several peaks and works in extreme conditions during the winter. However, when the season on the North Shore ends, all attention turns to the most populated island of Oahu, the South Shore of Hawaii.




The peaks and their visual paradise contrast with the more modern part of the city.Waikiki, for example, is full of buildings and people rushing to their job. But if you go to the beach, you’ll find a cool atmosphere, people surfing, enjoying the sun, the beach, in the true Hawaiian style.



In Waikiki, which is a neighborhood of the capital city Honolulu, there are about six peaks that work well in summer. The best is Ala Moana Bowls, a left that breaks next to a pier and provides a smooth tube. The crowd is intense, but much friendlier than in the NorthShore.




Moving to the East side, you reach the peak of the famous Sandy Beach. A well-known place for bodysurfers, who by the way, take the sport seriously here in Hawaii. It is a strong wave that breaks on the reef, gets thicker past it and then slams with full power on the sand.

Sandy Beach – Gustavo Foerster

On good days, the waves turn into a dry tube, dislocating shoulders and neck breaking. On smaller days the peak is a friendly wave for all levels.


Continuing your journey on the East Side of Oahu, you reach the beautiful beach of Kailua. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, an opinion you’ll share as soon as you get a complete sight of that place. White sand, blue water, and a few islands …To cap it all, you’ll find there amazing kitesurfing conditions in this paradise!


Gustavo going to work


Kailua is the basis of  the Living the Dream project, sponsored by Pena Surf Wear. My routine includes training here whenever it is windy, working as a kitesurfing instructor at Wind Ward Water Sports, and seeking to experience the culture of Hawaii in all its forms.

Gustavo Foerster, PenaSurf Athlete

Touring in the local markets, taking a ride on your bike, meddling with these quiet and polite peoples lead you towards a posistive attitude suggesting we all could have a better life.


I was welcome here by Jeff Tobias, a world recognized  pro kitesurfer that own The Wind Ward Water Sports. The company has services such as kite lessons, surf lessons, Stand Up paddle and Kayak tour. You can also get the best information about the spots around going on the shop. If you want more information about what to do Kailua you can check and you gonna have tons of options.


Jeff Tobias


We had the last photo session in Kailua. On that occasion, we took good time with David Caccavo, who is also an instructor and works with me in Kailua. Gisa Paula, my wife, was in command of the photos.

David Caccavo, Local Instructor

The venue was a beach break called Castles, the President Obama’s favorite beach. The waves were small but the wind helped provide good snapshots, though.




Kailua is an amazing place and worth knowing if you come to Hawaii. Good for kite, good for windsurfing, good for surfing, good for running and cycling, the city breathes movement.


Our project now has a new target, explore the famous peak of Diamond Head for a ride on the waves. The peak is difficult to access, close to a volcano and frequented by surfers. At the moment we are checking the spot waiting  for the best conditions.


Here’s a little video with Gustavo Foerster, Sebastian Ribeiro… training (with straps) on the North Shore :


Stay tuned on the website of Pena Surf Wear ( ) and Gustavo Foerster Web Site ( ) to follow  this adventure.


Gustavo Foerster is Pena Surf Wear athlete and has the support of Real Magic boards, Naish Kites, Restaurant KoniBaa, E-Surfshop, Kitesurf Mania and Functional Movement Fortaleza.



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