Cynthia brown Ollie, Grab Flyby    Photo credit Ellen Atkins

Cynthia Brown (Ozone and Firewirekiteboard) gives us all the good tips to be successful in a : Ollie Grab Flyby.


Ollie, Grab Flyby

* Carrying good speed look for a ramp or chop in front and just upwind.

* When you hit the ramp, you want to have sent your kite, so that it is at 12:00. Your front hand should be off the bar and ready for the grab.

* Ollie up concentrating on pushing the nose vertical and the bottom of the board into the wind.

* The wind will help blow the board back into your hand.

* Once airborne you can keep pulling in on the bar from the center for a bit more lift, then relax your arm, de power the kite and prepare for landing.

* You will naturally tend to fly downwind, which helps with the landing.

* When you are about 3ft from the surface, let go of your board and extend your legs to follow it to the water, keeping the nose facing downwind.

* Once you land, the kite will be anywhere from 12 to 2 o clock, and you will need to aggressively down loop to keep forward momentum.

* Ride away with a big smile!


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