Strapless kitesurfing spreading over Brazil copie

Strapless kitesurfing spreading over Brazil

Since the Surf Jam organized in Ceara with local riders and a part of Ben Wilson team, strapless kitesurfing style is growing on Brazilian coast. In Surfbahia website, Jeffer Moreno explains how, many surfers came to strapless kitesurfing unaffectedly. They realized that there was no point fighting against the wind to catch some waves. This Brazilian branch of strapless kitesurfing should provide a promising generation of kiters as the KSP Pro Peru gave us a glimpse of with Guilly Brandao, Felippe Ferreira, Sebastian Ribeiro , Mauricio Pedreira , Milla Knesse Ferreira

Here’s a short clip of Milla Knesse Ferreira the Brazilian female champion showing her skills during the Volkswagen tour in Brazil.



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