Surf Jam Superkite Brazil copie

Surf Jam Superkite Brazil

SuperKite Brasil : Mauricio Abreu and Ben Wilson will be hosting the first “Surf Jam” in Brazil next week.
Superkite is an event organized from 1st to 6th November in Combuco, Brazil .

Program of the week :
Freestyle, race, cocktails, premiere of “Giant Cloud” the last movie of Ben Wilson in Fiji, riding the “biggest wave” in the world.

On Friday, 4th a Surf Jam session is organized for 24 guests, big names of kitesurfing and surfing, and strapless waveriding fans. The surf jam promises to be a real show of maneuvers on the beach at Pico das Almas.

The rules :
Mauricio Abreu, one of the pioneers of waveriding and coordinator of the event Superkite said :
“Surf jam is a free surf session between friends based on the growing up model in USA for the wakeboard. The focus is the evolution of the sport in a relaxed way, without the rivalry of normal competition “.
6 athletes by heat for 30 minutes will be judged by a group of friends on best tricks in strapless waveriding.

Sponsors : Superkite Brazil 2011 is sponsored by the State Government, through the Department of Sport and Caucaia City Hall, through the Department of Tourism. Technical support is Kitesurfing Association of Ceará (AKC).

Mauricio Abreu

Riders :

  1. Ben Wilson (Austrália)
  2. Mauricio Abreu (Brasil)
  3. Ian Alldredge (Califórnia)
  4. Guily Brandão (Sao Paulo)
  5. Patrick Rebstock (Califórnia)
  6. Bruno Pitanga (Bahia)
  7. Marcelo Cunha (Rio de Janeiro)
  8. João Henrique ( Pernambuco)
  9. Fabio Nunes (Santa Catarina)
  10. Alberto Junior (Paraíba)
  11. Tiago Nottingham (Ceará)
  12. Filipe Ferreira (rio de Janeiro)
  13. Aldemir Calunga (Rio Grande do Norte)
  14. Rato Fernandes (Pernambuco)
  15. Jeffer Moreno (Bahia)
  16. Alexandre Ramos (Rio de Janeiro)
  17. Ian Glaza (Santa Catarina)
  18. Lucas Padilha (Ceara)
  19. Bruno Bordovsky (Ceará)
  20. Gustavo Foerster (Ceará)
  21. Célio Beleza (Ceará)
  22. Artur dos Santos “Bodinho” (Ceará)
  23. Ygon Maia (Ceará)
  24. Fillipi Barcellar (Ceará)


Alternates riders :


  1. Pedro Henrique (Rio de Janeiro)
  2. Alex Leo (Vitoria)
  3. Robertinho (Bahia)

This list is full of testosterone…is that a Gay-pride to celebrate ” Giant Cloud” ??? Hey guys, I worry about you, you forget the women/girls guest  list …. :-p
You can follow the event on the official website of Superkite at :



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