It's not a tutorial, just few sarcastic ideas to improve kitesurfing video edition for non-professional movie makers who want to gain visibility on the web.
Filmed with GoproHD.

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3 comments for “How to make a kitesurfing video”

  1. Aloha!

    Which video editor program would you recommend?

  2. i guess i tried to warn to not to make the box rules for that:

  3. To eree : I don't want to put in a box or confine imagination and as I warn in the subtitles : it's not a tutorial.
    I agree 1000% with you and your previous topic on the forum(that i haven't seen before i made the video). My intention was only to wake up non-professional video makers, to often enclosed in the same model... Model itself, taken on professional videos.
    You can't rule imagination, but imagination must rules...