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Welcome back to my channel guys, this time its a little behind the scenes vlog from a sick trip that I did with James Carew to a secret heavy wave spot. Chasing the forecast to shoot the latest episode of his web series on the @DUOTONEKiteboarding channel #storming!

It was a pretty mental trip and I was shooting with all my cameras, drone, Gopro, Sony FX6 and A73 to create what I think is one of the best barrel sections in kitesurfing in a while. James and Matchu are some of the worlds best kitesurfers at the moment and they are pushing the limits of what is possible, both on a kite and on a board. Strapless big air and strapless waves riding, they are driving the sport in the direction that they want to go and it is epic that I can be involved to develop content with them… for me, this is what kitesurfing is all about.





Full video for Duotone:    • STORMING – CHASIN…  

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