Pure Adrenaline Days – Celio Beleza in Peru

Celio Beleza sent us the 2d report of his trip in Peru around Negritos.

There is no boardrider of truth that does not dream of finding an isolated point of society, full of nature, perfect tubes and no one around to dispute the preference. It was to this end that we awoke really early and we set off for our next challenge here in Negritos region face the wave of Mal Paso.

Bathed by the Pacific Ocean, the region is a mixture of semi desert landscapes, mountain and beautiful beaches, so little frequented and with high level of coral banks.

From the top of the cliff, which is about 100 meters high, we saw the waves of Mal Paso. Were perfect left and right while frightening. To begin with, the entire length of the point is made up of large stones with hedgehogs and iron spikes of an old pier, which make entering the sea a delicate task to not hurt or break the board. But the exit is even more difficult because the wind is super Brindle at the border. Then have a mountain to climb with a dry, thick grass, which usually this crowded spines and shells. The highway passes only to one kilometer from the beach, so only 4×4 arrives. If nothing else, the sea is very deep and cold, with strong offshore wind and the water color is dark green, super clean, but it suggests that the residence of large animals. The wave is wonderful, very radical and very perfect. The order in Mal Paso is never surf alone, we are very experienced in the wave sports and enjoy full fitness.

This is a very treacherous and unpredictable point, but one of the most fantastic places there is to know. That was the biggest swell already caught, some series of big waves came sweeping around the world, that tension, says Thiago Accioly.

“I was very surprised with the place as it has a natural beauty and unique vibe,” says Rafael Forti.

“My obsession with this area began in 2010 and only grew as I began to explore. It is a temperamental place, but when conditions align, there is nowhere else in like world. These action shots show a small part of the potential this in place, “says Célio Beleza.

Mal Paso is blessed to have one of the best waves in the country, so it is a coveted destination for travelers seeking adventure in paradise beaches,” said Felipe Militão.

After that animal sail, we were the first quagmire of the trip, our 4 × 4 pickup truck ended up sticking the tire and bogging down in the mud completely, using two bulldozers to rescue us was necessary, were more than 4 hours of tension and anxiety that adventure , uufffa !!

Pics by Joelhorado .

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