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Barravento Ceara Project

Check out all the adventures that a Ceará kitesurf riders is living on the beaches of the West Coast of Ceara in search of waves and perfect sailing!

A great adventure is happening on the West Coast of Ceará. The Diario do Nordeste newspaper and Manobra Radical blog are producing a series of articles, and you are invited to participate in this expedition.

Let’s go through the main beaches of the region, addressing the potential that Ceara has for board sports.

The trip began with a recognition in Cumbuco, world city of the kite. Following passed the Pecém and arrived in Taiba.

The wind was so far away came in full force and the riders did an amazing sailing with sensational waves and a blue water characteristic of this time of year.

Following went to Paracuru, and made an insane sailing in one of the secrets of the region points. The afternoon very Wave SUP on Ronco do Mar beach, with a surreal sunset accompanied by perfect waves.

Our expedition is in full swing, with the presence of the Diário do Nordeste crew, Woohoo Channel and Rick Werneck producer. We will produce amazing images to arrive at our final destination: the Jericoacara beach.

Follow on the issue Sunday in Diario do Nordeste newspaper the full story on the first part of this great adventure.


For Gustavo Foerster

Pics by Rick Werneck



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