CHAPTER ONE // Strapless Kitesurfing

Not sure that strapless riding will have a good place in this project ( biggest kiteboard movie in history) exposed in a kickstarter campaign:

About this project

The aim with CHAPTER ONE is to make a mark in kiteboarding history. For the first time uniting the best athletes in the world into one cinematic experience. Showing the world that kiteboarding is an amazing sport.

Our movie will inspire and entertain viewers by documenting the exiting adventures of a very diverse group of individuals. Whether our athletes are chasing storms, searching for the perfect waves or stylizing their powerful tricks, this film will keep kiteboarding and non-kiteboarder alike on the edge of their seat.

Combining travel, personal stories, thrilling stunts, world class action and a lot of fun, CHAPTER ONE aims to capture the spirit of the sport and document the first chapter of the kiteboard legacy.

Learn more on who’s in and Watch the teaser here :




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