TV BELEZA – Fitness Program Plan

TV BELEZA – Fitness Program Plan


In order to assist kitesurf athletes I am launching a video program called KITETRAINER by Celio Beleza, approaching physical training, performing maneuvers, beginners and experienced sailors lessons. On this first episode I will emphasize the fitness program plan for professional athletes or those who just want to improve its sailing.

When you start the fitness program plan for a particular sport, with gradual increase in the technical performance of a particular athlete as goal, is extremely important to identify which physical valences make up the sport. After identifying such physical valences, the trainer must divide them into: general, involving all qualities present in the sport practice, recreational or competitive, and specific, which are the most important and vital physical valences to achieve good performance with high technical level.

The adaptations that occur with exercise training in kitesurfing serve to enhance coordination, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic capacities. With this preparation we improve our body awareness, psychological condition and injuries prophylaxis, since nowadays the aerial maneuvers and snaps are a must for high scores.
The daily training must be done with great enthusiasm and schedule discipline. Only this way the athlete will achieve good physical condition and better performance.


For free surf or free ride practitioners it is interesting to do physical exercises such as running, swimming and gradual effort cycling for about an hour of work in each sport and exercise on a daily basis. To warm up, stretch before and relaxation after kiting is super important. Thus we obtain a better performance at sea, since the locomotor apparatus is prepared for the exercises.
Important to note that all information are only tips, so all the physical training to be developed must have the guidance and supervision of a licensed professional, in this case preferably a Physical Education Professor in the athletic training area.



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  1. freddy jackson
    freddy jackson says:

    i eat fried chicken, spam musubi, mac salad and smoke muchos fatties all da time and neva stretch or work out. I get one good big belly too. … ‘an i still rip harder dan you!!
    Just surf and kite as much as you can dat’s enuff brah. Dat’s my training… enough with da workout sellout techniques.
    oh, I gotta go…pizza man is at da door wid my XL pepperoni pizza and six pack.
    shootz fred-D


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