There are two different categories of bosses in kitesurfing brands :
those who are amazed by their luxurious car crash and others like Raph who like to discover remote spots to meet real people in order to share these rare moments, not in a video clip, but in a jewel (made in France) by Band-original.

F.ONE new movie has been shot on RED in Magadascar last summer with Raphaël Salles, Etienne Lhote, Rémi Quique, Mika Fernandez, Robinson Hilario, and Mitu Moteiro.

Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP on one of the most remote spot in Mada : Lavanono.

If the link on vimeo is corrupted, watch it directly here :

Before leaving, Madagascar was just a wave and some wind. But once in Lavanono, there is much more than that, we discovered an extraordinary people: the Antandroy, the people of the thorns.
We shared our two worlds: we surfed on extreme and beautiful spots, and tried to introduce them to our passion; on the other hand, they opened the doors of their village, their customs, their way of life. Nobody comes back from Lavanono untouched,inevitably we all leave a small piece of our heart



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