Thanksgiving XXL Swell at Jaws – November 24th 2023

A huge swell (21 feet at 20 seconds) hit the Hawaiian shores late on thanksgiving day. The next morning we woke up to huge and crazy conditions at Jaws. First wave of the day Kai Lenny fell on a 60 footer, then went back out for more. Albee Layer proved once again that even on the trickiest and sketchiest days out at Jaws that he can still get barreled. Less than 10 waves were paddled into during the session. Strong winds came up and it became too hard to paddle. 15 year old ‘Baby’ Steve Roberson got whipped into the biggest wave of the day. I’m claiming it’s the biggest wave ever ridden by a 15 year old. From Matthieu Etxebarne foiling to Kai Lenny taking waves on the head. There was so many crazy moments during this swell.

Surfers featured Albee Layer Kai Lenny ‘Baby’ Steve Roberson Torrey Meister Ridge Lenny Austin Kalama Trevor Carlson Matthieu Etxebarne Olie Shipp Yuri Soledad Thomas Oliver Patri McLaughlin Jesse Richman Ian Walsh Land Footage from Slater Neborsky and Aerial Footage from myself. Enjoy ‘Thanksgiving Swell at Jaws’