Witch – Dakhla – Pablo Amores – Slingshot

Pablo Amores kitesurfing Oum Lambouir, Dakhla Morocco. Filmed by Julien Leleu.

The last October I had the pleasure of training and stay in Dakhla Attitude, West point Dakhla and PK25, the three best hotels around Dakhla, during my staying meanwhile Europe was running into craziness because of COVID. I Could manage to enjoy some little waves in Oum Lambouir and do some strapless kitesurfing at Speed spot. I hope you got inspired to keep doing surfkite and motivated to go to Dakhla for kitesurfing! Many Thanks Dakhla for the amazing conditions I had there!!!



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Slingshot Kiteboarding
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Filmed by Julien Leleu
Edited by Pablo Amores