Wing foil – Duotone

Action on the Wing Foil in Canarias Islands

Developped a first for downwinds on a surf foil, the wing foil refined by Sky Solbach for Duotone is a mix between windsurfing and kiting able to go upwind and freestyling on a foil.

You’ll find the ancestors by Slingshot and Flash Austin….and the new Mitu’s model by F-one in the gallery.

and the kitewing, whoops, sorry the slingwing by Slingshot … since 2011 hahaha !

Just saying, Kiding in the name of (rage against the Machin)…. so funny ! Wing surf, wing foil, kitewing, Slingwing ! 🙂

Never forget that the birth of such bizarre concepts like in the early 60’s with Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer and later in the 80’s Bruno et Dominique Legaignoux, can lead to addictive sports.

Slingshot sling wing

Et pendant ce temps-là du côté de Maui à Hawaii, Jeffrey Spencer dévoile l'aile développée par Slingshot Kite depuis 2011 et intitulée pour sa part sling wing…

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